Cricket World Cup score updates as Kohli and Rahul rebuild after three early wickets in 200 chase

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India are under pressure from the weight of fans, media and all corners of the host nation when they get their ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 campaign up and running against Australia today.

As the host nation and the No 1 ranked side in the world, the expectation has rarely been higher for a nation to deliver, especially in front of a home crowd. After England were hammered by New Zealand in the tournament opener in Ahmedabad on Wednesday, both India and Australia will be looking to get their campaign off to a winning start.

India have not won a World Cup since 2011, and even Sachin Tendulkar spoke during the tournament opener on Wednesday about how sometimes the team have to remember that hundreds of millions are behind them rather than sitting on their shoulders. Australia lost the pre-tournament series in India against Rohit Sharma’s side, but as the England defeat to New Zealand has shown, the bilateral series results can have little effect on the outcome of a World Cup clash. India will also be hoping their side is up to full fitness.

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India vs Australia

  • Australia win the toss and choose to bat

  • Line-ups as India name three-pronged spin attack

  • Australia bowled out for 199, India need to chase 200 to win

  • Wicket! Kishan 0 ct Green b Starc, India 2-1

  • Wicket! Sharma 0 lbw Hazlewood, India 2-2

  • Wicket! Iyet 0 ct Warner b Hazlewood, India 2-3

  • India 69-3 (18), Rahul 32, Kohli 34, Zampa 0-13 (1) need 131 runs to win

    15:25 , Sonia Twigg

    Cummins has thrown the ball to Zampa, freshly sporting a graze on his nose after swimming into the wall of the pool at the hotel – after Carey’s slip in Karachi the Aussies don’t have the best of luck with hotel pools.

    India look comfortable and Rahul has cut the ball away for four as this partnership continues to build for the home side after a disastrous start.

    Rahul has another boundary with the width on offer, using the pace of Zampa to guide the ball to the boundary. Not enough turn for the Aussie bowler.

    Three successive fours and the pressure has been released!

    India 56-3 (17) Rahul 20, Kohli 33, Starc 1-10 (4) need 144 runs to win

    15:19 , Sonia Twigg

    Starc is back on after Green went for two successive boundaries at the end of his over, but it will be a different task for the bowler, who is most lethal when the ball is moving at the start of the innings.

    It hasn’t caused the problems it did at the start but he is still a skilled bowler with pace.

    India 52-3 (16) Rahul 18, Kohli 31, Maxwell 0-9 (4) need 148 runs to win.

    15:15 , Sonia Twigg

    The two fours off the last ball of the over have helped India bring up the 50 in Maxwell’s over following it.

    Just three from the over but it’s a good 50 partnership from this pair who came to the crease with India two for three.

    India 49-3 (15), Rahul 15, Kohli 31, Green 0-11 (2) need 151 runs to win

    15:09 , Sonia Twigg

    India have continued to knock the ball around for singles, but had to wait until the fifth ball of Green’s over to find the boundary!

    A lovely shot from Kohli, and there haven’t been many boundaries but every one will count move India slowly towards the total.

    India 40-3 (14) Rahul 15, Kohli 22, Maxwell 0-5 (3) need 159 runs to win

    15:04 , Sonia Twigg

    Whenever India have found the gap it seems to go to the man in the deep, three from the over but there is still a long way to go in this game.

    India 38-3, Rahul 14, Kohli 21, Green 0-3 (1) need 162 runs to win

    15:01 , Sonia Twigg

    A change of bowling to Cameron Green, but there is no marked chase in terms of the runs or the pace of the game.

    Three singles off the first 3 balls and that was it from the over.

    India 34-3 (12) Rahul 13, Kohli 19, Maxwell 0-3 (2) need 165 runs to win

    14:56 , Sonia Twigg

    Maxwell went for just one run in his first over and will be looking for something similar here.

    Rahul has tried to open the face and push the ball into the gap but the field placements were good and there were just two runs from the 12th over.

    India 33-3 (11) Rahul 12, Kohli 18, Cummins 0-13 (3) need167 runs to win

    14:52 , Sonia Twigg

    Rahul and Kohli are just rotating the strike comfortably, after the loss of the three early wickets.

    There is a lot of time left in this game and they will have to build slowly. The target is definitely still chase-able.

    Rahul has his first boundary in the 11th over with a well-timed cover drive.

    India 27-3 (10), Rahul 7, Kohli 17, Maxwell 0-1 (1) need 173 runs to win

    14:48 , Sonia Twigg

    And we will see spin for the first time in the innings with Glenn Maxwell into the attack.

    India’s spinners had a lot of joy, but Maxwell and Zampa are not quite as good in the same conditions.

    India 26-3 (9), Rahul 7, Kohli 16, Cummins 0-7 (2) need 174 runs to win

    14:44 , Sonia Twigg

    Kohli inside edges one that just goes past the stumps, another lucky let off.

    The ball is still moving around here, I wonder if the lights at Chennai are slightly aiding the Aussie bowlers.

    India 21-3 (7) Rahul 5, Kohli 13, Hazlewood 2-12 (4) need 179 runs to win

    14:40 , Sonia Twigg

    Hazlewood will continue, and it just looks like the ball is starting to move less, which will be a relief to the Indian batters.

    Kohli has been dropped! Mitchell Marsh and Alex Carey both went for the ball that top-edged into the gap, Marsh got there and spilled the ball, he didn’t even get his hands to it, and it thumped into his leg and along the ground!

    That’s a huge let off for India and could it come back to haunt the Aussies?

    India 20-3, (7), Rahul 5, Kohli 12, Cummins 0-2 (1) need 180 runs to win

    14:35 , Sonia Twigg

    Pat Cummins is into the attack for the first time, this is an exceptional fast-bowling trio that Australia have to offer, there is no weak link and they are all so experienced and so good across all three formats.

    India 18-3 (6), Rahul 4, Kohli 11, Hazlewood 2-11 (3) need 182 runs

    14:31 , Sonia Twigg

    The runs have not been flowing freely, but more important for India will be not losing any more wickets.

    India 12-3 (5), Rahul 4, Kohli 5, Starc 1-6 (3) need 188 runs to win

    14:26 , Sonia Twigg

    Starc has kept going and with Hazlewood at the other end, the pressure is on the Indian batters, but they have a lot of time to play themselves in and see off the opening pair before looking to score.

    Starc bowled a wide, but runs of the bat haven’t been coming

    India 6-3 (4), Rahul 4, Kohli 4, Hazlewood 2-5 (2) need 190 runs to win

    14:21 , Sonia Twigg

    Hazlewood has not conceded a run and has two wickets, he has bowled with incredible control here and India will hope that the Kookaburra stops moving soon.

    And that’s a lovely shot from KL Rahul for the first boundary from the final ball of the over.

    India 5-3 (3), Rahul 0, Kohli 3, Starc 1-4 (2)

    14:17 , Sonia Twigg

    Starc is back into the attack and Kohli scores two to take the runs score over the number of wickets lost.

    Kohli chases a wide one and there’s heads in hands from those in the slips, that was close!

    Wicket! Iyer 0 ct Warner b Hazlewood, India 2-3

    14:13 , Sonia Twigg

    Hazlewood strikes again and India are in trouble here! I have no idea what has gone into the decision-making but it’s exceptional.

    Hazlewood has bowled well but this is approaching a disaster for India.

    Wicket! Sharma out for 0! lbw Hazlewood India 2-2

    14:09 , Sonia Twigg

    Hazlewood will take the second over, and strikes almost immediately to dismiss the captain lbw.

    India review the decision, but the DRS shows the ball hitting on umpire’s call and Sharma has to leave.

    India 2-1 (1), Sharma 0, Kohli 0, Starc 1-2 (1) need 198 runs to win

    14:05 , Sonia Twigg

    At the end of the first over, India still have yet to score off the bat, with their two runs coming from a leg bye and a wide.

    Wicket! Kishan 0, ct Green b Starc, India 2-1

    14:02 , Sonia Twigg

    Mitchell Starc, having been the last batter out, will now bowl the first over as Australia try and defend their below-par total.

    But he started with a wide. And there’s an early wicket before there’s been a run off the bat!

    Kishan goes first ball!

    India need 200 runs to win

    13:51 , Sonia Twigg

    India just preparing to come out and start their chase of 200, it looks like a low target, but there was a lot of spin on offer.

    India need 200 to win

    13:45 , Sonia Twigg

    Here are some photos from the first innings:

    Jadeja celebrates taking the wicket of Alex Carey (Getty Images)Steve Smith bats against India (Getty Images)

    India need 200 runs to win

    13:38 , Sonia Twigg

    Here’s a look at one of the other stories from the Cricket World Cup, at New Zealand youngster Rachin Ravindra

    If the international cricketing community didn’t know who Rachin Ravindra was, they are certainly familiar with the all-rounder now after the opening game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in which he became the youngest New Zealand batter to score a World Cup century.

    The astounding feat came as Ravindra played a significant role in both innings of New Zealand’s nine-wicket win against defending champions England in the cricket tournament’s opening game on Thursday.

    Who is Rachin Ravindra – New Zealand’s new World Cup hero with strong Indian roots

    Wicket! Starc caught off Siraj for 28! Australia all out for 199

    13:29 , Sonia Twigg

    Last over of the innings how many can Australia limp to?

    Starc hits down the ground and they choose not to run, the fast bowler clearly backing himself. The next one is drilled down the ground for four, to take them to 199.

    But they won’t get their 200, Siraj has another wicket as Starc is caught in the deep.

    Australia 195-9 (49), Hazlewood 1, Starc 24, Pandya 1-28 (3)

    13:25 , Sonia Twigg

    Hazlewood manages to get off strike first ball, that might be his tactic for the rest of the balls remaining.

    It proves to be the best tactic, with Starc flicking the ball into the leg side shortly after, and crucially keeps the strike with a single last ball of the over.

    Wicket! Zampa caught by Kohli for 6, Australia 189-9

    13:22 , Sonia Twigg

    Pandya just getting his finger taped slightly before starting his third over of the match, that was the injury from when Warner hammered one back at him that just caught the end of the middle finger.

    But it does not matter, Zampa has just driven one straight to Kohli on the edge of the ring after catching the bottom of the bat.

    Australia 188-8 (48), Zampa 6, Starc 18, Siraj 0-22 (6)

    13:19 , Sonia Twigg

    Some lovely shots from the area of the beach near the stadium in Chennai.

    Siraj is back to bowl on the field and fires the second one wide down the leg side, every run is going to feel valuable for Australia.

    Zampa is just struggling to get the ball away here, but manages to get a single and there’s another wide.

    Australia 182-8 (47), Zampa 5, Starc 15, Bumrah 2-34 (10)

    13:12 , Mike Jones

    Bang! Jasprit Bumrah is too short to Mitchell Starc and the left-hander absolutely nails him into the stands at deep midwicket. Bumrah responds with a couple of yorkers and a wide.

    Seven runs from the over.

    Australia 175-8 (46), Zampa 5, Starc 9, Ashwin 1-34 (10)

    13:06 , Mike Jones

    Ashwin is going to bowl out his allotment. He’s milked away for a couple of singles before Mitchell Starc tries to smoke him into the stands and misses the ball.

    Three runs come from the over.

    Australia 172-8 (45), Zampa 4, Starc 8, Bumrah 2-27 (9)

    13:04 , Mike Jones

    Mitchell Starc guides Jasprit Bumrah away for one bringing Adam Zampa back on strike. He defends one then gets a thick outside edge down to third man for one more.

    A drilled drive from Starc brings another single as Australia continue to tick over the score.

    Australia 168-8 (44), Zampa 3, Starc 6, Jadeja 3-28 (10)

    12:59 , Mike Jones

    Jadeja ends his bowling day with a maiden. He’s been incredible today and Australia will be happy to see the back of him.

    Australia 168-8 (43), Zampa 3, Starc 6, Bumrah 2-24 (8)

    12:56 , Mike Jones

    Australia are in danger of getting bowled out here. Adam Zampa is the new batter and he lifts Bumrah over midwicket for two runs. A full toss brings another run for Zampa.

    Australia need to get as many as they can now.

    Wicket! Pat Cummins ct Shreyas Iyer b Jasprit Bumrah 15 (24), Australia 165-8 (42.2)

    12:53 , Mike Jones

    Mitchell Starc hasn’t really decided to go after the Indian bowlers yet, preferring to leave the big shots to Pat Cummins. Cummins goes for it against Bumrah and picks out Shreyas Iyer on the deep mid on boundary.

    Australia 164-7 (42), Cummins 15, Starc 5, Jadeja 3-28 (9)

    12:50 , Mike Jones

    The man who has caused all the problems for Australia, Ravindra Jadeja, comes back into the attack. He finds his length immediately and gets one to spin past the outside edge of Pat Cummins’ bat.

    Runs! Leg byes bring Australia four from the final delivery but another over comes and goes in quick fashion.

    Australia 160-7 (41), Cummins 15, Starc 5, Bumrah 1-20 (7)

    12:47 , Mike Jones

    Jasprit Bumrah is back to have a dart at the Australian bowlers. Wisely, Mitchell Starc takes a single before Pat Cummins defends a couple of straight, sharp deliveries.

    Cummins heaves Bumrah over the legside and takes two runs to keep the total ticking over. If Australia can get over 200 they will feel as though they have something to defend.

    Australia 156-7 (40), Cummins 12, Starc 4, Kuldeep 2-42 (10)

    12:43 , Mike Jones

    Just the over Australia needed! Mitchell Starc gets off strike and Pat Cummins decides to take on Kuldeep Yadav.

    He picks out a slower ball and smokes it into the stands for six runs!

    The response is good from Kuldeep and he finds the outside edge of the bat but the ball beats KL Rahul behind the stumps and races away for four.

    11 runs from the over!

    Australia 145-7 (39), Cummins 2, Starc 3, Ashwin 1-31 (9)

    12:38 , Mike Jones

    The Indian spinners have been incredible today. They’ve been accurate, varied their pace and their lengths and, crucially, got the ball to turn sharply.

    Cummins and Starc take three runs from the over.

    Australia 142-7 (38), Cummins 1, Starc 1, Kuldeep 2-31 (9)

    12:35 , Mike Jones

    Kuldeep Yadav gets the ball to grip and turn back into Pat Cummins pinning him on the pads. Cummins manages to get outside the line of off stump though and the lbw shout is turned down.

    Cummins then works the ball into the legside to get himself off the mark before Mitchell Starc pushes the ball down the ground for one as well.

    Australia 140-7 (37), Cummins 0, Starc 0, Ashwin 1-28 (8)

    12:31 , Mike Jones

    Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins need to bat for a long time now. They’ve got to get Australia to the back end of the innings and pick up as many runs as they can.

    Ashwin sends down a wicket maiden.

    Wicket! Cameron Green ct Hardik Pandya b Ravichandran Ashwin 8 (20), Australia 140-7 (36.2)

    12:29 , Mike Jones

    Ravi Ashwin has his wicket!

    Cameron Green tries to spank him over the offside and delivers the ball straight into the hands of Hardik Pandya. Australia are in dire straits now.

    Australia 140-6 (36), Cummins 0, Green 8, Kuldeep 2-29 (8)

    12:27 , Mike Jones

    The Australian captain Pat Cummins is the new batter and he defends the final ball of the over.

    Wicket! Glenn Maxwell b Kuldeep Yadav 15 (25), Australia 140-6 (35.5)

    12:26 , Mike Jones

    Grip, spin and gone!

    Kuldeep gets one to sharply turn back into Glenn Maxwell who tries to dispatch him over the ropes. He misses the ball and leg stump is knocked over.

    The Indian spinners continue to do the damage.

    Australia 140-5 (35.4), Maxwell 15, Green 8, Kuldeep 1-29 (7.4)

    12:24 , Mike Jones

    Rohit Sharma decides to hold a couple of overs back from Ravindra Jadeja and he’ll tempt a big shot out of Glenn Maxwell by bringing Kuldeep Yadav back into the attack.

    Maxwell pulls the ball into the legside for one run. Green is more composed with a push down the ground but Australia still can’t find the boundary…

    Australia 138-5 (35), Maxwell 14, Green 7, Ashwin 0-28 (7)

    12:20 , Mike Jones

    Ravichandran Ashwin come back into the attack for India now to replace Jasprit Bumrah. Green and Maxwell each rotate the strike with a run apiece before Green blocks back consecutive deliveries.

    He skips down the track and heaves Ashwin over the legside which brings him another run. Maxwell then thinks about a big shot chips the ball wide of the fielder at midwicket.

    India were interested there but the Aussies get away with one.

    Australia 134-5 (34), Maxwell 12, Green 5, Jadeja 3-28 (8)

    12:15 , Mike Jones

    Ravindra Jadeja will probably bowl through now and hopefully pick up another couple of wickets for India. Maxwell and Green each collect a single as they’re trying to negate any spin from the left-armer.

    Three runs come from the over.

    Australia 131-5 (33), Maxwell 11, Green 3, Bumrah 1-16 (6)

    12:12 , Mike Jones

    After three dot balls from Jasprit Bumrah a misfield brings Cameron Green a single which annoys the Indian captain Rohit Sharma. It’s a superb over from the seamer though with just one coming from it.

    Australia 130-5 (32), Maxwell 11, Green 2, Jadeja 3-25 (7)

    12:08 , Mike Jones

    Cameron Green pushes the ball into the offside for one to get his innings going. Glenn Maxwell turns the ball around the corner for one more.

    Four! Maxwell moves outside the leg stump and gives himself some room. He smokes Jadeja through the gap at cover and the ball races away to the boundary. It’s the first one in 73 deliveries.

    Can Australia kick on now?

    Australia 123-5 (31), Maxwell 6, Green 0, Bumrah 1-15 (5)

    12:04 , Mike Jones

    Jasprit Bumrah, arguably India’s best bowler, is brought back into the attack as Rohit Sharma senses the opportune moment to nip out a couple more wickets.

    Glenn Maxwell defends the first two deliveries then ducks underneath a sharp bouncer which gets signalled wide. The Indian quick tries to rough Maxwell up again and gives up another wide before Maxwell misses out on a full toss.

    The last delivery brings two to get Maxwell moving again. Four from the over.

    Australia 119-5 (30), Maxwell 4, Green 0, Jadeja 3-18 (6)

    11:58 , Mike Jones

    That is an exceptional over from Ravindra Jadeja. Two wickets from it and Australia are in a whole heap of trouble. One more wicket and India are into the Australian bowlers.

    Wicket! Alex Carey lbw Ravindra Jadeja 0 (2), Australia 119-5 (29.4)

    11:57 , Mike Jones

    … And is out on the second!

    Alex Carey plays all around the ball as he looks to work it into the legside. It rattles into his pads and the umpire raises his finger for lbw.

    Australia’s hole gets a little deeper. Jadeja is on fire.

    Australia 119-4 (29.3), Maxwell 4, Carey 0, Jadeja 2-18 (5.3)

    11:55 , Mike Jones

    Consistent wickets falling mean that Australia haven’t managed to get a hold of this innings and turn the screw on the Indians. They need a big partnership but the spinners are keeping things incredibly tight.

    Alex Carey is the new batter and Rohit Sharma sticks a short fine leg in immediately. He defends the first ball…

    Wicket! Marnus Labuschagne ct KL Rahul b Ravindra Jadeja 27 (41), Australia 119-4 (29.2)

    11:51 , Mike Jones

    Another one! Marnus Labuschagne has to go now after trying to sweep Ravindra Jadeja out of the ground. A thin edge clips the bat of the Australian number four and KL Rahul takes a superb, sharp catch behind the stumps.

    The Aussies are in real trouble now.

    Australia 118-3 (29), Maxwell 3, Labuschagne 27, Kuldeep 1-27 (7)

    11:48 , Mike Jones

    From this point if Australia score at 6 runs-per-over they’ll only manage a total of 244. You don’t think that would be enough for them to defend.

    Kuldeep continues and so does the Australian accummulation. Four singles and a two come from the over. That’s the minimum six runs that the Aussies require.

    Australia 112-3 (28), Maxwell 1, Labuschagne 23, Jadeja 1-17 (5)

    11:42 , Mike Jones

    Glenn Maxwell is the new batter and he could change the outlook of this innings if he gets in. Maxwell scores quickly and could be a crucial counter-attacking cog for the Australians.

    He’s off the mark immediately before Labuschagne takes a single. A wicket and two runs from the over.

    Wicket! Steve Smith b. Ravindra Jadeja 46 (71), Australia 110-3 (27.1)

    11:40 , Mike Jones

    What a ripper!

    Jadeja comes round the wicket to Steve Smith and angles the ball into the right hander. Smith plays down the correct line but the ball grips and spins past his outside edge dislodging the off stump bail and sending Smith back to the pavilion.

    Australia 110-2 (27), Smith 46, Labuschagne 22, Jadeja 0-15 (4)

    11:38 , Mike Jones

    The atmosphere is bouncing around the ground with India in control of this innings. There aren’t many Australian’s in the crowd, understandably, and the dancing and partying will be a joy for the Indian fielders to see.

    Australia 110-2 (27), Smith 46, Labuschagne 22, Kuldeep 1-21 (6)

    11:35 , Mike Jones

    Here comes Kuldeep Yadav.

    Australia will need to start thinking about increasing the run-rate but it’s really difficult to get the spinners away. Marnus Labuschagne misses out on a late cut and seems deep in thought about how to handle the left-arm leg spinner.

    That’s inventive. Labuschagne decides to reverse sweep Kuldeep but some good fielding from Ashwin at short third man keeps it down to one.

    Smith drops to one knee and swivels the ball into the legside for one more before Labuschagne ramps Kuldeep fine for two. The Aussies are starting to open up a bit now.

    India’s fielding has been superb today and Hardik continues the trend with a one-handed stop to deny Labuschagne a boundary through cover.

    Smith ends the over with one, six from it.

    Australia 104-2 (26), Smith 44, Labuschagne 18, Jadeja 0-15 (4)

    11:28 , Mike Jones

    Close! Steve Smith chips the ball down the ground as he tries to increase the tempo. At long off Mohammed Siraj is too slow to react to the ball and it bounces short of him when he comes storming forward from the boundary rope.

    The ball continues to get stuck in the wicket and Labuschagne is too early on the ball. He mistimes a couple before taking one.

    Australia 102-2 (25), Smith 43, Labuschagne 17, Siraj 0-17 (5)

    11:25 , Mike Jones

    Australia pass 100 with a couple for Marnus Labuschagne who pulls Siraj into the legside. He then leans onto a whip through midwicket for one more and is starting to look at home on this tricky wicket.

    Just four runs come from the over.

    Australia 98-2 (24), Smith 42, Labuschagne 14, Jadeja 0-13 (3)

    11:20 , Mike Jones

    Steve Smith edges ever closer to a half-century as he continues to milk the Jadeja for ones.

    Four runs come from four deliveries before Labuschagne finds the fielder at midwicket. The last ball of Jadeja’s third over brings one more but it is still just five from the over.

    Australia 93-2 (23), Smith 40, Labuschagne 12, Siraj 0-13 (4)

    11:17 , Mike Jones

    Another change in bowling now sees Mohammed Siraj brought back into the attack. His first spell was a decent one but the reintroduction of pace bowling may allow Austalia to increase the run-rate.

    Smith defends the first ball before guiding the second down the third man for a single. Marnus Labuschagne plays the same shot but angles it fine of Ravi Ashwin on the boundary meaning he can sprint back for a second run.

    A pull shot brings him another run but Siraj’s return is strong with just four from it.

    Australia 89-2 (22), Smith 39, Labuschagne 9, Jadeja 0-9 (2)

    11:12 , Mike Jones

    Jadeja is a little quicker through the air than Kuldeep and prefers to angle the ball into the pads of the right-handers. He gets through his overs quickly and leaves the batters no moment to gather themselves and think about the next ball.

    Just one comes from his over.

    Australia 88-2 (21), Smith 38, Labuschagne 9, Kuldeep 1-15 (5)

    11:09 , Mike Jones

    The run-rate has been pretty consistent over the first 20 overs, hovering a touch over 4 runs-per-over.

    Kuldeep throws one wide to Smith who misses out on a cut shot and looks up to the heavens in disbelief. He then gets off strike leaving Labuschagne four deliveries.

    A smoking cut shot is drilled to the fielder at point and Labuschagne misses out on a potential boundary. He takes one with a risky sweep shot before Smith pulls the ball into deep midwicket for one more.

    Australia 85-2 (20), Smith 36, Labuschagne 8, Jadeja 0-8 (1)

    11:05 , Mike Jones

    Rohit Sharma wants to get his third spinner into the attack so on comes Ravindra Jadeja for a bowl. India have put the pressure on Australia and what they don’t want to do is relinquish it with a change of bowling.

    Two singles sees the batters ease into the over before Labuschagne rolls onto the back foot and guides the ball wide of Ravi Ashwin for four runs!

    That’s a needed boundary.

    Another two runs come from the rest of the over and Australia get themselves moving on the scorecard again.

    Australia 77-2 (19), Smith 34, Labuschagne 2, Kuldeep 1-12 (4)

    11:01 , Mike Jones

    Labuschagne flicks the ball into midwicket for one as Kuldeep repeatedly targets the stumps.

    There’s no release shot for the Aussies right now and Rohit decides to compound the issue by moving into the gap at square leg to cut out that easy run.

    Smith blocks out the rest of the over. One from it.

    Australia 76-2 (18), Smith 34, Labuschagne 1, Ashwin 0-24 (6)

    10:57 , Mike Jones

    Rohit Sharma may decide to bowl Ravi Ashwin out here as the off-spinner is controlling the tempo of Australia’s innings quite well.

    He gets the ball to grip and spin past the outside of Steve Smith’s bat before Smith awkwardly scoops the ball into the legside for one.

    Marnus Labushagne gets off the mark with a single of his own. India are strangling Australia a bit now.

    Australia 74-2 (17), Smith 33, Labuschagne 0, Kuldeep 1-11 (3)

    10:54 , Mike Jones

    Kuldeep Yadav gets the breakthrough and brings Marnus Labuschagne to the crease. He feels his way into the innings with three dot balls to finish off a wonderful over from the leg-spinner.

    Wicket! David Warner ct & b. Kuldeep Yadav 41 (52), Australia 74-2 (16.3)

    10:52 , Mike Jones

    Got him!

    The pressure was building on David Warner who wanted to score quickly. He tries to spank Kuldeep back down the ground who hits the ball straight at the bowler who clings onto a fine catch.

    Warner has to go.

    Australia 74-1 (16.2), Smith 33, Warner 41, Kuldeep 0-11 (2.2)

    10:51 , Mike Jones

    After Smith takes one, Warner gets lucky looking to sweep and pulls the ball off middle stump but he doesn’t beat the fielder at short leg.

    Australia 73-1 (16), Smith 32, Warner 41, Ashwin 0-22 (5)

    10:48 , Mike Jones

    There’s a quick break for drinks which is needed on this hot day in Chennai. Ravi Ashwin will continue as the Aussies look to accummulate more runs.

    Warner and Smith are using their feet well. They’re advancing down the track and picking up a couple of singles while targeting the gaps on the boundary edge.

    Those are the only runs from the over as Ashwin forces Warner deep into his crease where he’s finding it harder to time the ball.

    Australia 71-1 (15), Smith 31, Warner 40,Kuldeep 0-10 (2)

    10:42 , Mike Jones

    Kuldeep is starting to find his length on a regular basis. Just short of full which allows for a bit of turn and forces the batters to decide whether to come forward or stay back.

    Three dots builds the pressure on David Warner but Kuldeep strays too straight and Warner tickles the ball down to fine leg for four!

    The fifth delivery spins sharply and Warner just prods at the ball. Luckily it bounces short of the fielder at gully and the Aussie opener scrambles through for one off the final ball of the over.

    Australia 66-1 (14), Smith 31, Warner 35, Ashwin 0-20 (4)

    10:39 , Mike Jones

    Shot! A skip down the track from David Warner sees him get to the pitch of the ball and lift it over cover for four!

    That’s a fine start to the over which allows the Australians to milk three singles from the next five balls.

    Australia 59-1 (13), Smith 30, Warner 29, Kuldeep 0-5 (1)

    10:35 , Mike Jones

    Here comes Kuldeep Yadav. The left-arm leg spinner could be a match-winner for India during this tournament. He spins the ball more than Ravichandran Ashwin but is slower through the air.

    Over the years he’s improved massively and the unique angle from which the ball spins will be a useful tool for him.

    David Warner is hit on the pads looking to sweep the first ball which gets the Indian fielders excited though the umpire remains unmoved.

    Four runs come from the first four balls as the batters rotate the strike. The final ball turns away from Warner and catches the edge but Smith calls him through for one more.

    Australia 54-1 (12), Smith 28, Warner 26, Ashwin 0-13 (3)

    10:30 , Mike Jones

    India have come into this match with three front line spinners who will be crucial through the middle period of this innings. Australia need settled batters to take them on but it doesn’t seem easy to overly attack.

    A couple of singles come from the first three balls of Ashwin’s next over before Warner drops to one knee and looks to slog sweep him over the legside. He misses the ball and there’s a half-hearted shout for lbw which is turned down.

    Warner goes back into his shell and pushes the ball to long on off the last delivery for one.

    Australia 51-1 (11), Smith 27, Warner 24, Hardik 0-21 (2)

    10:26 , Mike Jones

    Hardik Pandya is back! The opening powerplay is over so India can spread the field a bit more now. Hardik goes full but Smith is up to the task.

    He lifts the ball over the bowler for four!

    Bang! Hardik pulls his length back and Smith swivels into a pull shot that his mullers through midwicket for another boundary. Australia’s 50 comes up in the 11th over and they’ve responded brilliantly since losing the early wicket.

    Australia 43-1 (10), Smith 19, Warner 24, Ashwin 0-10 (2)

    10:22 , Mike Jones

    Warner and Smith rotate the strike against Ashwin and take three singles from the first three deliveries of his second over. A sharper delivery angles into Warner’s pads and pins him on the crease but the ball is heading down the legside.

    Next up, Warner waits for the ball and caresses it wonderfully through the gap between cover and point to pick up another boundary!

    10 overs gone, Australia’s rebuild is going well.

    Australia 36-1 (9), Smith 17, Warner 19, Bumrah 1-11 (4)

    10:17 , Mike Jones

    Jasprit Bumrah is brought back into the attack to replace Hardik Pandya who has left the pitch to have a check on his injured hand.

    David Warner prods the ball into the legside for a run before Steve Smith advances down the track. He whips Bumrah into midwicket but can’t beat the fielder there.

    Bumrah’s hitting a nice length that the Australian batters can’t work away to the boundary and Smith settles for another single. A fuller delivery is hacked over the infield by Warner who picks up a couple after miscuing the ball into the outfield.

    A decent over for India, with four runs from it.

    Australia 32-1 (8), Smith 16, Warner 16, Ashwin 0-3 (1)

    10:13 , Mike Jones

    Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack for a bit of spin now. He’ll be a big factor in India’s World Cup campaign and if he’s on song then the hosts will be difficult to beat.

    Warner takes one off the first ball bringing Smith on strike. He rocks onto the back foot and misses out on a cut shot that sees the ball go finely past the edge of the bat.

    Three singles come from a tight first over from Ashwin.

    Australia 29-1 (7), Smith 15, Warner 14, Hardik 0-13 (1)

    10:09 , Mike Jones

    After a slight break in play to strap some fingers and make sure Hardik Pandya is okay to play on the Indian all-rounder continues his over.

    A back of the length delivery gets David Warner pinned to the crease but the next ball is shorter and Warner hooks the seamer down to fine leg for four runs!

    Steve Smith also gets into the action after the batters scramble through for a single. The final ball of the over is whipped over the legside for four more runs. That’s a big over for the Aussies.

    Australia 20-1 (6.2 overs)

    10:04 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Hardik Pandya comes into the attack. After a dot, a stunning straight drive by David Warner fires back down the ground. It goes for four via the fingertips of the bowler, who now needs some treatment. It’s a welcome break for the other players in searing heat, and Warner and Smith take the chance to cool down.

    Australia 16-1 (6 overs)

    10:01 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Siraj v Smith, and the bowler will be delighted to get a maiden over on the board. He doesn’t resort to the bouncer but instead offers some solid line and length bowling, and one or two deliveries are skidding low and causing some problems.

    Australia 16-1 (5 overs)

    09:57 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Smith plays a beautiful cover drive to the boundary, before snatching a single. Bumrah responds with a series of testing balls to Warner, who survives as yet another beats the bat.

    Australia 11-1 (4 overs)

    09:53 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Smith and Warner start to settle against Siraj and add a few more runs to the early tally.

    Australia 6-1 (3 overs)

    09:46 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Steve Smith pinches a single, before Bumrah almost dismisses Warner with a beautiful final delivery which threatens the stumps before darting across the left hander. Warner manages to pull the edge of his bat out of harm’s way.

    Wicket! Marsh 1 c Kohli b Bumrah, Australia 5-1

    09:43 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Mitch Marsh is gone! He prods tentatively at a rising Bumrah delivery and edges to slips where Virat Kohli takes a flying catch to his left. An early breakthrough for the hosts.

    Australia 5-0 (2 overs)

    09:41 , Lawrence Ostlere

    David Warner shows his intentions with an immediate boundary off Mohammed Siraj’s first ball, but India are sharp in the field to deny anything more in the over. Bumrah will continue.

    Australia 1-0 (1 over)

    09:35 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Bumrah ties up Mitch Marsh to ensure the rest of the over passes without any movement on the scoreboard. India

    Australia 1-0 (0.2 overs)

    09:32 , Lawrence Ostlere

    David Warner flashes at Bumrah’s first delivery and almost edges behind! What a start to India’s home World Cup that could have been. He slaps away the second ball of the day for a quick single.

    India vs Australia LIVE – Cricket World Cup

    09:30 , Lawrence Ostlere

    It’s a fierce atmosphere in Chennai – this is going to be good fun. The players are out and Jasprit Bumrah has ball in hand…

    India vs Australia LIVE – Cricket World Cup

    09:26 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Line-ups in full:

    India: Rohit Sharma (captain), Ishan Kishan, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul (wicketkeeper), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravinchandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj.

    Australia: David Warner, Mitchell Marsh, Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (wicketkeeper), Cameron Green, Pat Cummins (captain), Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood.

    India vs Australia LIVE – Cricket World Cup

    09:24 , Lawrence Ostlere

    With Travis Head recovering from a hand fracture, Mitchell Marsh retains his place as David Warner’s opening partner for the five-time champions who also left out all-rounder Marcus Stoinis, who is nursing a hamstring injury.

    “We’re in a really good spot, we’ve got a good balance between game time and being fresh,” Cummins said.

    India have their own issues at the top of the order with opener Shubman Gill down with dengue.

    Left-handed Ishan Kishan has been drafted in to open the innings with skipper Rohit Sharma.

    “We’ve covered all our bases,” Rohit said at the toss. “Unfortunately, Shubman didn’t recover in time. Ishan will replace him.”

    Two-time champions India pick both Kuldeep Yadav and Ravichandran Ashwin in a three-pronged spin attack that also includes all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja.

    A look back at South Africa’s stunning win over Sri Lanka yesterday

    09:17 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Aiden Markram smashed a 49-ball hundred, the fastest ever the men’s 50-overs World Cup, as South Africa’s rampaging top order helped them thrash Sri Lanka by 102 runs in their tournament opener on Saturday.

    There was brutal batting at the Arun Jaitley Stadium where three of South Africa’s top four batters smashed rapid hundreds to help them rack up a tournament record total of 428-5.

    Quinton de Kock struck 100 and Rassie van der Dussen hammered 108 but both were overshadowed by Markram’s incendiary 106 off 54 balls.

    Markram, adjudged player of the match, eclipsed Ireland batter Kevin O’Brien’s 50-ball century against England in the 2011 World Cup.

    Former champions Sri Lanka were all out for 326 in 44.5 overs after brief fightbacks from Kusal Mendis (76), Charith Asalanka (79) and Dasun Shanaka (68).

    South Africa’s mammoth score replaced Australia’s 417-6 against Afghanistan in 2015 as the highest in the men’s World Cup.

    “Happy for us. I can’t find fault with the batting,” South Africa captain Temba Bavuma said. “We were not quite clinical with the ball, but we will take that confidence into the next game.”

    South Africa's Heinrich Klaasen in action (Getty Images)

    India captain Rohit Sharma after losing the toss

    09:12 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Rohit can’t hide his disappointment at losing that key toss.

    “Conditions for the bowlers will be on the slower side, the ball will turn as the match goes on. We have played a lot of cricket recently so we are ready. We have covered all our bases and we’re looking forward to this game.”

    Australia win the toss and choose to bat

    09:07 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Pat Cummins wins the toss – after the coin goes bouncing away across the wicket – and opts to bat.

    “It’s a good wicket, the sun’s out, so we’re going to have a bat,” he says. Full team news coming up…

    Pakistan kicked off Cricket World Cup campaign with victory over enterprising Netherlands

    08:59 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Pakistan then got off to a low-key start as Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel hit identical half-centuries in an otherwise underwhelming batting effort in their World Cup opener against the Netherlands on Friday, before the bowlers sealed a routine 81-run win for the 1992 champions.

    Faced with an achievable target of 287, the Dutch looked on course for a stunning win in Hyderabad at one stage as Vikramjit Singh (52) and Bas de Leede (67) got going, but Pakistan kept chipping away to dismiss the underdogs for 205 in 41 overs.

    De Leede ripped through the Pakistan line-up taking 4-62 and Colin Ackerman claimed 2-39 after the Netherlands won the toss and decided to bowl, but Rizwan (68) and Shakeel (68) ensured the Asian side made 286 in 49 overs.

    Haris Rauf took 3-43 and was the pick of the Pakistan attack that was missing the injured Naseem Shah and he finished the job by bowling out Paul van Meekeren.

    Haris Rauf starred with the ball as Pakistan defeated the Netherlands (AP)

    Jos Buttler: New Zealand completely outplayed England in World Cup opener

    08:51 , Lawrence Ostlere

    A recap on the World Cup so far, starting with England’s chastening defeat by New Zealand in the opening match.

    Jos Buttler admitted his England side were “completely outplayed” after their World Cup title defence began with a crushing nine-wicket losss.

    “I’m disappointed. We were completely outplayed,” he said.

    “I thought we were a long way short of our best with the bat, we were probably looking at 320, 330. We had a lot of starts but I thought we were just a bit off in our execution. We weren’t quite clinical enough with our shot making and gifted New Zealand a few wickets.

    “But we’re not robots. Sometimes you don’t play as well as you would like. Everyone’s working hard, everyone’s prepared well and we were just a bit off it. In international cricket when you’re a little bit short and the opposition play very well, you’re going to lose the game of cricket.”

    Jos Buttler’s England suffered a nine-wicket defeat at the hands of New Zealand (REUTERS)

    Cummins expects Australian spinners to shine despite Zampa scare

    08:42 , Lawrence Ostlere

    Adam Zampa has added another chapter to Australia’s bookful of freak accidents but skipper Pat Cummins has no concerns about getting 20 overs out of his spinners heading into Sunday’s World Cup opener against India.

    Zampa, who will be leading Australia’s spin attack in the tournament with Glenn Maxwell as his sidekick, wore a cut on his face during training after a mishap in the swimming pool.

    “He swam into the pool wall apparently,” Cummins told reporters on Saturday.

    “He said he had his eyes closed and thought he was swimming in a straight line and swam into the step in the pool… He’s all good he’s just a little bit sore.”

    Adam Zampa, centre (Aijaz Rahi/AP/PA) (AP)

    India vs Australia

    Friday 6 October 2023 16:16 , Lawrence Ostlere

    India vs Australia will be the biggest match of the 2023 Cricket World Cup so far, and many could argue it should have been the opener.

    While debate during England’s defeat to New Zealand raged around the gaps in the stands, with only about 20-30,000 estimated, leaving the 132,000-seater Narendra Modi Stadium largely unoccupied, that will not be the case on Sunday, with a sell-out expected as the tournament lifts to the next level.

    Both sides have small fitness concerns, with Shubman Gill having missed training in the week, reportedly from a fever that could be dengue.

    For Australia, there could be an anxious wait over the fitness of Marcus Stoinis, who picked up a hamstring issue in the pre-tournament series against India, while Travis Head is set to miss the early stages of the World Cup.

    Cricket World Cup score updates as Kohli and Rahul rebuild after three early wickets in 200 chase

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